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Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover – Pink Floral

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Keep baby cozy and protected from germs while shopping at the market with the Cozy Cart Cover from Comfort & Harmony. Fitting snugly inside the shopping cart seat, our cover keeps cold metal surfaces and germs away from baby's delicate skin. The Cozy Cart Cover is designed of plush poly so baby stays warm and rides comfortably. The Snap & Secure buckle and t-strap secures your infant and helps reduce slipping in the cart seat. With convenient storage pockets and loops, mom keeps all essentials like wipes and toys handy. The versatile Cozy Cart Cover is also perfect for dining out. Fitting most restaurant high chairs, your baby sits tall in the seat! When finished using the Cozy Cart Cover, roll it up for ease of portability and storage. The cover is machine-washable and recommended for infants 6 months and older.

Product Code: 1024082

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Comfy & Stylish Protection from Germs

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