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Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream (Fragranced)

Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream is an excellent and gentle moisturiser and may be used on baby’s entire body keeping baby soft and silky smooth. This product is available in [...]

Bennetts Baby Wet Wipes


For use on sensitive skin
Hypoallergenic – fragrance free, alcohol free & PH balanced
Durable, soft & good quality wet wipe
Moisture stays the same from first to last wipe

Bennetts Bum Buddy

Introducing Bennetts Bum Buddy – a revolutionary concept, designed to help you help your baby. Bum Buddy is a refillable container that contains Bennetts Baby Bum Crème plus Bennetts [...]

Bennetts Eazi Breathe

Bennetts Eazi Breathe provides relief for congested babies. Congestion often prevents baby from sleeping and may cause much discomfort for mother and baby. Bennetts Eazi Breathe comes in the [...]

Bepanthen Ointment

Protective baby ointment for the prevention and management of nappy rash
Bepanthen ointment contains pro vitamin B5, which gently aids the natural recovery of sensitive skin while keeping it soft, [...]

Bum Buddy Traveller

Take out sunblock & replace with bum buddy traveller

Cherubs Care Mats 2′S

1. Ideal for changing your baby at home or away

Cherubs Classic Duo 2 x 80′s

1. Moistured for gentle but thorough cleansing
2. Helps prevent nappy rash
3. Biodegradable& flushable
4 Value Pack with handles for convenience

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Cherubs Classic Wipes (80’s)

Cherubs has a range of eco-products
These are as gentle on baby as they are to the earth
All eco-products are flushable and biodegradable
Cherubs essential range includes sensitive wipes [...]

Cherubs Cool Wipes Reg Refill 70′S

1.For hands and face
2.Clinically tested
3.Ideal for picnics & braai’s
4.Ideal for neutralising food odours


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