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Teething Rings

Gum-eez™ First Teether™

Our Natural Touch™ Gum-eez™ has a unique textured design that provides comfort to your baby’s delicate gums.
The use of this First Teether™ is similar to a dummy, making it [...]

Kids II Snuggle & Teether

1 Assortment of 3 characters: Monkey, Giraffe and Elephant
2 Teether feet soothes baby’s gums
3 Crinkle bellies encourage baby to touch
4 Loop on back of head to [...]

Pigeon Cooling Teethers

Fits baby’s palm with easy-to-grip handle
Firm teething pad
Develops baby’s skills of holding and gripping

Pigeon Training Teethers Step 2

4 different hard textures to stimulate periodontal membrane
Movable coloured rings

Pink Rattle & Teether


1 Water-filled teether with multiple textures to soothe baby’s gums

2 Textured, easy to grasp handle

3 Clear rattle with colorful beads


Soft Teether Ring Set


  1. Massages and relieves teething pressure
  2. Helps stimulate the flow of saliva
  3. Snap-in system for playing
  4. The ergonomic shape ensures that all areas of the jaw are easily reached.
Softees™ Soft Silicone Teether

The new Softees™ Soft Silicone teether’s unique textured design provides comfort to baby’s delicate gums
It provides stimulus to the lips and tongue which promote the transition from nursing to [...]

Softees™ Super Soft Teether

The Softees™ Super Soft teether’s unique hard and soft surfaces help massage and soothe sore gums
Available in various shapes and sizes, the lightweight and easy to hold teethers are [...]

Soothing Ring Teether

1 Water-filled teethers soothe baby’s gums
2 Fun colors and textures
3 Easy to grasp shapes


System Soothe A Bee Teether

1 Textured teether wings
2 Stimulates both visual and tactical senses
3 Easy to hold



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