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Soothers and Pacifiers

Philips AVENT Soothers

Variants include:
Night time freeflow
Contemporary freeflow

Pigeon Newborn Starter Kit

1X 240ml peristaltic nurser wide neck
2X 160ml peristaltic nursers wide neck
1X sponge bottle brush
1X step one pacifier
1X oral development teether

Pigeon Silicone Pacifier Step 1 “Ladybird”

Birth – 5 Months
Satisfies baby’s natural suckling reflex action
Natural soft shape
Raised base of nipple facilitates sucking movement

Pigeon Step 2 Pacifier

5 Months+
Encourages weaning
Lip contact area allows for correct mouth movement
Trains closing of baby’s mouth

Pigeon Step 3 Pacifier

8 Months+
Promotes nasal  breathing
Thin lip area promotes healthy development of teeth
Fits the mouth of a teething baby
Soft tip underneath and firm tip on top activates the [...]

Playtex Binky Soothers

With a flexible, contoured shield that rests comfortably on baby’s mouth without leaving marks
Binky pacifiers help soothe babies by satisfying their natural sucking instinct

Posh™ Orthodontic Dummies

The Posh™ is another option we give you in choosing a fun, stylish and modern         Orthodontic Dummy. The bright colours and fun prints make it hard to choose [...]

Safety 1st Pacifier Medicine Dispens

“Features:The Pacifier Medicine Dispenser from Safety 1st is the way to easily give your baby a dose of medicine in a soothing way. The dispenser has easy-to-read dosage markings and [...]

Silcone Mickey Soother Size 2

1.Orthodontic NUK shape
2.Anatomically shaped mouth shield
3.Classic Disney motifs
4.available is sizes 1 and 2

Like all NUK soothers, they incorporate the NUK AIR SYSTEM. This means air can escape [...]

Silicone Baby Blue Soother (Size 1)

Like all NUK soothers, the Starlight incorporates the NUK AIR SYSTEM. This means air can escape from the baglet through a valve. This way it stays soft and flat enough [...]

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