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Baby City is proud to announce the addition of Sister Lilian to our group of Baby Experts, bringing you the best in advice and tips to equip you to be the best parent that you can be!

The benefits of natural birth

By Sister Lilian for Baby City © 2016 Just about every woman says she wishes for a natural birth, even though many doubt that they will be able to have one. First, one needs to differentiate between normal and natural – because for most women, this is believed to be one and the same thing, […]

Separation anxiety in toddlers

By Sister Lilian for Baby City 2016 Not only babies, but toddlers and young children occasionally go through phases of separation anxiety – this is quite normal. It can occur at any stage depending on your little one’s temperament and circumstances. Around one year of age, when tots are making great strides toward independence, they […]

Winter health in little ones

By Sister Lilian 2016 © Winter is when coughs and colds rear their heads, throats burn, noses run and ears ache! This does not always signal a health crisis. In the early years of life, children are the most prone to airway and related infections.

Sister Lilian’s Seven Successful Sleep Strategies

© Sister Lilian 2015 One of the most important questions a parent needs to ask when worried or upset about any change to a baby or child’s routine, is “what changed when the problem started”, because that often helps one know the cause and also find the cure, or at least how to improve matters.

Pain relief options in labour

Birth anxiety is mostly about pain and how to deal with it, possible complications and often too about the effects of birth on one’s body. Questions about options generally have to with these factors too, although some women simply want to be informed and proactive in making a choice. It is always very sad for […]

Birth Options

No matter what current trends are one of the most frequently asked questions couples have is about the options available to them for birth and which will be best. It will depend on one’s pregnancy, how labour unfolds, the health of both mom and baby and then a little on where one lives and what […]

Baby Starter Feeding

Often parents look back and laugh that they were ever unsure about when babies were ready to start solids, what and how much they should eat. The most important thing about baby feeding is not to make a fuss. Take Sister Lilian’s approach to heart.   There is never only one correct way of feeding […]


© Sister Lilian 2011   Colic must be one of the most feared words in a parent’s new post-baby vocabulary, says Sister Lilian, who has stood by countless moms in their struggle to come to terms with and overcome this feared but poorly understood condition. Face your fears with this easy-to-understand and helpful advice!   […]

Toddler Eating in Brief

© Sister Lilian 2011   Toddlers often eat a lot less than babies or than their parents would like after one year because their growth rate slows significantly. Yet most have boundless energy and their milestones are just fine. Sister Lilian advises you to chill!   Toddlers often have a 6 week cycle of enjoying […]

FAQ’s for Baby City Website by Sister Lilian

Question What is the difference between comfort sucking and real drinking? Sister Lilian 2011 Answer You will see very involved jaw and muscle movement (right up to the temple) if your baby has latched well and is drinking properly. There will usually be a steady rhythm to the sucking and you will hear swallowing. Sucking […]

Baby’s Soft Spots or Fontanelles

Article for Baby City website by Sister Lilian   Fontanelles are the soft spots nestling at the sites where the cranial or skull bones join. They are membrane filled spaces and babies have four of these. Fontanelle is a French word meaning ‘little fountain’, and was probably named this as one can see the pulsation […]

Dealing with Fever & Frequent Illness

© Sister Lilian 2011   The Sister Lilian Centre can be contacted on info@sisterlilian.co.za and Baby City kindly supports our advisory service for the expectant women and parents of South Africa!   In a sentence, a commonsense approach to health is the only sure way to health, as opposed to simply treating disease and illness. […]

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